Virtual Workshop 2020

Frequently Asked Questions About the AIS 2020 Virtual Workshop:

AIS Virtual Workshop is available to members. Please sign up or renew your membership.

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Dear AIS Members,

While we await dates in 2021 for our rescheduled conference in Salamanca, we can continue to share and make progress on our research in the AIS 2020 Virtual Workshop. We will have a long “Preview and Orientation” period for panelists in July and August. The AIS 2020 Virtual Workshop will be open to all members from August 22- September 4th, 2020. If your membership is current, there is no fee for participating in the AIS 2020 Virtual Workshop.

We have created a virtual space in Google Classroom that is modeled on the preliminary program for AIS 2020. “Classes” are panels and roundtables, “teachers” are panelists, and “students” are interested AIS members.

Preview and Orientation, June 21st, 2020 - August 21st, 2020


Soon, all AIS 2020 panelists will receive an invite to the AIS Google Classroom space with an assigned username and one-time password. Once panelists login, they should see the panels they are participating in, plus a class called, The Welcome Center. Each of these “classes” will have a “Join” button. Once panelists join their panels, they can upload drafts, slide presentations, videos of presentations and, of course, interact. Interactions can be asynchronous (i.e. post-reply) or synchronous (e.g. videoconference). The thing to remember is that all these interactions are facilitated within the AIS Google Classroom space. Of course, you can organize and communicate outside the virtual workshop space, but interactions within the virtual workshop are only visible/accessible to you when you are logged into Google Classroom with your AIS-assigned account. We invite panelists to test out the features of the workshop space. We’ll probably use this period to troubleshoot.

Can’t remember if you are in the program? Go here:

Other AIS Members and Non-Panelists

We’ll use the information you provide to give you an AIS account for the purposes of attending the virtual workshop on August 22.

Note: if you are a panelist in the AIS 2020 program, you do not need to use this form.

Virtual Workshop Opens, August 22nd, 2020

Two things will change in the Virtual Workshop on August 22. First, the list of panels in the Welcome Center will have “course codes,” so you join any panel as a “student.” AIS members that are not presenting, but have requested access to the workshop, will be able to login to the space.

Participation in the virtual workshop as a panelist is free to all who registered for the AIS 2020 conference. It is also optional and will not impact your place in the preliminary program or registration for the re-scheduled conference in Salamanca per the preliminary program. This is just an opportunity to prioritize time this year to share work with your colleagues and get informal feedback on your papers/presentations that are “in progress.”