Programme - Sessions


3 Aug  08.45–09.15  Session 0/1  Room BGLT


Hamid Akbari, Janet AfaryFarhad Hakimzadeh, Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak, Robert Springborg,Houchang E Chehabi

3 Aug  09.15–10.00  Session 0/1  Room BGLT
Awards Ceremony

Fariba Zarinebaf  Chair

Mary Hegland  presents the Life-Time Achievement Award (Association for Iranian Studies)

Ali Banuazizi  presents the Saidi-Sirjani Book Award (Association for Iranian Studies)

Houra Yavari  presents the Latifeh Yarshater Prize (Persian Heritage Foundation)

Frank Lewis  presents the Sixth Annual Lois Roth Persian Translation Prize (American Institute of Iranian Studies) 

3 Aug  10.30-12.00  Session 1/1    Room BGLT
Young Women in Public: Representation, Negotiation, and Frustration in Contemporary Tehran

Norma Claire Moruzzi  Chair

Camron Michael Amin  Discussant

Masserat Amir-Ebrahimi  'Unveiled' Women in the Iranian Blogosphere

Fateme Sadeghi  Negotiating with Modernity: Young Women and Sexuality

Norma Claire Moruzzi  Trying to Look Different: Hejab as the Self- Presentation of Social Distinctions

3 Aug  10.30–12.30  Session 1/2  Room G60
Christians in Safavid Iran

Colin P Mitchell  Chair and discussant

Edward K Faridany  A Foreigner in the Service of Shah Abbas I: The Case of the Syrian Christian, Michel Angelo Corai

Bhaswati Bhattacharya  A New Julfa Merchant in India: the Book of Will of Khoja Petrus Woskan

Hirotake Maeda  Georgian Nobility and their Role in Safavid Court Politics

Rudi Matthee  Christians in Safavid Iran: Hospitality and Harassment

3 Aug  10.30–13.00  Session 1/3  Room L67
Classical Persian Literature

Narguess Farzad  Chair and discussant

Dominic Parviz Brookshaw  Caught between Zulaykha and Farhad: Gendering the Poetic Voice in the Ghazals of Jahan-Malek Khatun

Leili Anvar-Chenderoff  Leyli o Majnun as Mirrored in Leyli o Majnun or Jami, Reader of Nizami

Sunil Sharma  Iranian Poets and Indian Patrons: Gender and Mughal Court Poetry

Homa Katouzian  Sa'di's Love Poetry

Mahdi Tourage  Theorising the Omitted Other: Scriptural Reasoning at the Margins of Persian Mystical Text

3 Aug  10.30–13.00  Session 1/4  Room B10
Late Qajar Iran

Mansoureh Ettehadieh  Chair and discussant

Fatemeh Pira  Transition to a Modern State: Examining Financial Reforms in Qajar Period (in Persian)

Heidi Walcher  Commercial Conflicts and the Jewish Community in Late Nineteenth CenturyIsfahan

Hossein Abadian  The Great Famine of Tehran 1917-8

Zahra Hamedi  An Unknown Autobiography of the Twentieth century by Mohammad Ali Massoud al Molk

Irina K Pavlova  Russian Capital in Iran in the Second Half of the Nineteenth – Beginning of the Twentieth Century

3 Aug  10.30–12.00  Session 1/5  Room G52
Public Opinion and Foreign Policy-making in Iran, 1896-1961

Anja Pistor-Hatam  Chair and discussant

Oliver Bast  The Quest for a Third Power and Public Opinion During the Late Qajar Period

Esmail Shams  The Impact of the Press on Iran's Foreign Policy during the First World War

Soad Pira  Cartoons: An Influential Medium of Politics and Popular Beliefs between the End of the Constitutional Period and the 1960s (in Persian)

3 Aug  10.30–12.30  Session 1/6  Room G51
Ancient Iranian Art

John Curtis  Chair and discussant

Matthew Canepa  The Diadem, Nimbus, Red Footwear and the Veil: Insignia and Court Practice as Cross-cultural Mediators between Rome and Sasanian Iran

Matteo Compareti  The Eight Pointed Rosette: A Possible Important Emblem is Sasanian Heraldry

Ali Mousavi  Vanished Monuments of the Achaemenid Period: Early Studies on the Achaemenid Art

Mohammad Reza Chitsaz  Identifying the Parthian Shami (in Persian)

3 Aug  10.30–13.00  Session 1/7  Room B102
Recent German Field Work in Geography

Bernard Hourcade  Chair and discussant

Herrmann Kreutzmann  Afghanistan and the Opium World Market: Poppy Production and Trade

Eckart Ehlers  What is Persian About the Persian Carpet Today? A Case Study on Carpet Manufacturing and Carpet Trade at Kashan

Andreas Dittmann  The New Great Game of International Reconstruction in Afghanistan

3 Aug  10.30–13.00  Session 1/8  Room G50
Capitalism and Economic Development in Iran

Djavad Salehi-Esfahani  Chair and discussant

Evaleila Pesaran  The Debate Over Foreign Investment in Post-Revolutionary Iran

Siavash Abghari  Central Banking and Iran's Economic Performance

Mohammad Reza Salehnejad  Economic Development in Iran: Coordination Failures and Institutional Responses

Kamran Matin  A Theoretical Reappraisal of Pre-capitalist Iran

Nader Asgary & Mazdak Asgary  Educational Institution, Economic Development, and Democracy: A Case Study of Iran and Turkey

3 Aug  10.30–13.00  Session 1/9  Room BG05
Science and Technology in Medieval and Early Modern Iran

Najma Yousefi  Chair and discussant

Mohammad Reza Nourbaksh  Iran's Early Encounter with Three Medieval European Inventions (1470-1740)

Mohammad Manzoorolajdad  The Alid Naqib of Ray of the Seljuk Era and His Support of the Scientists

Mohammad Karimi-Zanjani-Asl Prevalent Sciences Among the Iranian Nizaris Through the Fall of Alamut (1256 AD / 654 AH)

Mahdi Farhani-Monfared  Sharaf al-Din Yazdi, the Historian-Mathematician

Najma Yousefi Unravelling the Mysterious Decline of Secular Sciences in Medieval Iran (950-1300 ad)

3 Aug  10.30–12.30  Session 1/10  Room KLT
Writing from the Outside

Nahid Mozaffari  Chair and discussant

Persis M Karim  Not Just Another Memoir: Poetry and Prose of the Iranian Diaspora

Nima Mina  The Germanophone Poet SAID

Amy Motlagh  The Troublesome Domestic: Social and Narrative Disorder in Three Stories by Goli Taraghi

Wali Ahmadi  Mastering the Ego Monster: Ezhdaha-ye Khudi as an Allegory of History

3 Aug  13.00–15.00  Session 2/11  Russell
Gender and Women Committee Meeting (ticketed lunch/panel)

Janet Afary  Chair

Kathryn Babayan  Panellist

Mansoureh Ettehadieh  Panellist

Nayereh Tohidi  Panellist

Houra Yavari  Panellist

3 Aug  14.00–15.30  Session 3/1  Room BGLT
Contemporary Culture and Politics

Ahmad Sadri  Chair and discussant

Kamran Safamanesh  Moving Messages as a Form of Mass Communication in Iran

Daryoush Ashouri  Limitations of the Linguistic Development of Persian in the Modern Period

Mohammad Maljoo  Political Economy of the Teachers' Movement in Iran

3 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 3/2  Room G60
The Saljuqs

Carole Hillenbrand  Chair and discussant

Juergen Paul  The Saljuqids and Central Asia: A Return to the Roots?

A H Morton  Qashani and Rashid al-Din on the Saljuqs of Iran

Deborah Tor  Political Gift-Giving in the Great Saljuq Period

David Durand-Guedy  Where Did the Saljuqs Live? Turkish Lords and City Life in Pre-Mongol Iran

3 Aug  14.00–15.30  Session 3/3  Room L67
Mystical Persian Literature

Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak  Chair and discussant

Aliakbar Nasiri  Body Abandonment or Intentional Death in the Opinion of Islamic Scholars (in Persian)

Mehdi Mohabbati  The Concept of Homeland in Iranian Mystics' Point of View (in Persian)

Kourosh Kamali-Sarvestani  Sa'di Studies: A Progress Report (in Persian)

3 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 3/4  Room B104
Western Perceptions of Qajar and Pahlavi Iran

Masoud Kazemzadeh  Chair and discussant

Eden Naby  Water Colours Speak: An Early American Perspective on Kurds, Assyrians and Turks

Michael Zirinsky  The Eagle and the Other Lion: Evolution of Anglo-American Relations Regarding Iran, circa 1911-1953

Camron Michael Amin  Qajar and Pahlavi Public Diplomacy in Press and Radio

Hesamedin Ashna  Visual Communication and American Image-building for Iranians (in Persian)

3 Aug  14.00–15.30  Session 3/5  Room G52
The Early Pahlavi Era - I

Stephanie Cronin  Chair and discussant

Bianca Devos  Modernisation and Clothing: Politics of Dress Under Reza Shah

Anja Pistor-Hatam  Writing Back? Al-e Ahmad's Attempts at Counter-History

Afshin Marashi  Imagining Hafez: Rabindranath Tagore in Iran, 1932

3 Aug  14.00–15.30  Session 3/6  Room G51
Persian Myths and Their Transformation

Mohammad Yahaghi  Chair and discussant

Maria E Subtelny  At the Edge of the World: Mount Qaf and the Jews

Julia Rubanovich  Ignorant Prophet and Illegitimate King: Alexander's Metamorphosis in the Darabnameh of Tarsusi

Martha Simidchieva  Iranian Mythology and the Project of Modernity in The Blind Owl of Sadeq Hedayat

3 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 3/7  Room B102
The City, Clergy and Censorship in Iranian Cinema

Richard Tapper  Chair and discussant

Nacim Pak-Shirazi  My Priest the Hero: The Clergy in Iranian Cinema

Saeed Zeydabadi-Nejad  On the Cutting Room Floor: Censorship and Iranian Cinema

Christopher Gow  Under the Skin of the City? Representations of Urban Space in the New Iranian Cinema

Jaleh Pirnazar  The Role of the Cleric's Robe in Iranian Cinema

3 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 3/8  Room G50
Urban Transformation

Eckhart Ehlers  Chair and discussant

Mary Hegland  Aliabad of Shiraz: Transformation from Village to Suburb

Bernard Hourcade  Tehran: Where is the Core of the Capital City? From Historical Heritage to Current Social and Economic Dynamics

Ali Madanipour  Modernisation in the Age of Tradition: Urban Transformation in Iran

Reza Masoudi-Nejad  Iranian Cities from Local to Macro System: A Study on Transformation of Iranian Cities during Modernisation

3 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 3/9  Room BG05
Geometry in Medieval Persian Sciences and Arts

Carol Bier  Co-Chair and discussant

Elaheh Kheirandish  Co-Chair and discussant

Sonja Brentjes  The Persian Tradition of Euclid's Elements of Geometry

Elaheh Kheirandish  Science and Mithal: Geometrical Demonstrations in Early Arabic and Persian Science

Carol Bier  Art and Mithal: Reading Geometry as Visual Allegory

Reza Sarhangi  Mathematical Aesthetics of Persian Dome Interiors

3 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 3/10  Room KLT
Life and Work of Mahshid Amirshahi

Nima Mina  Chair and discussant

Michael Beard  Tracking Suri: Narrative Pace in Mahshid Amirshahi's Early Stories

Madeleine Voegeli  An Anatomy of Humour and Morality in Amirshahi's Iranian Fables For Our Time

Eskandar Abadi  Between Fact or Fiction: History and Story in Amirshahi's Dar Hazar

Ramine Kamrane  Stepping onto the Modern World: Thoughts on End of the Ta'zieh by Mahshid Amirshahi

3 Aug  16.30–18.30  Session 4/1  Room BGLT
The Islamic Republic in an International Context

Ziba Moshaver  Chair and discussant

Walter Posch  1001 Negotiations: The EU and Iran

Trita Parsi  The Origins of Iran's Arab Option

Kamrouz Pirouz & Farahmand Rezvani  Iran-China Energy Alliance

Frik Aziz Khatami-Tirgordi  The Factor of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Context of US Middle Eastern Policy in 1979-1989

3 Aug  16.30–18.30  Session 4/2  Room G60
Julfans Abroad

Francesca Trivellato  Chair and discussant

Sebouh David Aslanian  From Madras to Venice: Circulation of Capital and the Patronage Activities of Julfa Merchants in India

Houri Berberian  The Sheriman Family between Julfa and Venice: Migratory Circulation and Cultural Hybridity

Edmund Herzig  Borrowed Terminology and Techniques of the New Julfa Armenian Merchants: A Study in Cultural Transmission

Mana Kia  Paradoxes of Circulation and Hybridity: Joseph Emin's Cultural Idioms of Self and Nation

3 Aug  16.30–18.30  Session 4/3  Room L67
Classical Persian Poetry and Ismaili Thought: Naser Khosrow and Nizari Quhistani

Farhad Daftary  Chair and discussant

Alice C Hunsberger  Seven Hundred Years of Critics: A Study of the Anthologized Naser Khosrow

Nasrollah Pourjavady  Clear as Day?  Sufi and Ismaili Themes in Nizari Quhistani's Day and Night

Leonard Lewisohn  The Influence of Nizari Quhistani on Hafez

Askar Bahrami  Az: The Iranian Thought in the Divan of Naser Khosrow (in Persian)

3 Aug  16.30–18.00  Session 4/4  Room B104
Russia, the Caucasus and Iran

Touraj Atabaki  Chair and discussant

Elena Andreeva  Russians in the Court of Muhammad Ali Shah

Fatemeh Soudavar Farmanfarmaian  The Cultural Relations Between Georgia and Iran: From King Pharnavaz to Prince Alexandre

Vladimir Boyko  The Herat Issue in the Context of Afghan-Iranian Relations in the Twentieth Century

3 Aug  16.30–18.00  Session 4/5  Room G52
The Early Pahlavi Era - II

Afshin Matin-Asgari  Chair and discussant

Masoud Bayat  Zanjan in the Second World War (in Persian)

Maryam Farzaneh  Women's Cultural Organisations in the Reign of Reza Shah

Elham Malekzadeh  The Progressive Role of Armenian Women in Twentieth Century Iran (in Persian)

3 Aug  16.30–19.00  Session 4/6  Room G51
Old and Middle Iranian Philology

Nicholas Sims-Wiliams  Chair and discussant

Zohreh Zarshenas  Sogdian ynd'k

Bahman Moradian  Lexical and Cultural Interpretations of Avestan Texts by Pahlavi Translators: 'Yasna 65 6-14, Yasna 67 7- 8, Yasna 68 1-15'

Ulla Remmer  Female Names and Proper Titles in Achaemenid Iran

Maria Kritikou  Old Iranian Poetics: The Distribution of Similes in Avestan

Velizar Sadovski  Epithets and Poetical Phraseology in Avestan and Vedic

3 Aug  16.30–18.30  Session 4/7  Room B102
Issues in Iranian Cinema

Kouross Esmaeli  Chair and discussant

Jale Sarshar  Woman in Iranian Cinema

Nilufar Ashtari  The Model Cinema

Saeed Reza Talajooy  Mythologizing the History of Pain: Beyza'i and the Plight of Intellectuals in Contemporary Iran

Khatereh Sheibani  Classical Poetry and Innovative Cinematic Language

3 Aug  16.30–18.00  Session 4/8  Room G50
Agrarian Transition in Post-Revolutionary Iran

Amir Ismail Ajami  Chair

Michael Bonine  Discussant

Sohrab Behdad & Farhad Nomani  Peasantisation and Proletarianisation of Iranian Agriculture in the Post-Revolutionary Decades

Fatemeh Etemad Moghadam  Iran's Missing Working Woman

Amir Ismail Ajami  Peasant Road to Capitalist Agriculture: Recent Iranian Experience

3 Aug  16.30–18.00  Session 4/9  Room BG05

Hormoz Ebrahimnejad  Chair and discussant

Hormoz Ebrahimnejad  Modern Medical Education in Nineteenth-Century Iran: An Arena of Dialogue between Traditional and Modern Medicine

Yunes Karamati  On the Sources of al-Abniyah 'an haqa'iq al-adwiyah, the Oldest Persian Text on Pharmacology (in Persian)

Sima Orsini-Sadjed  The Origins of Sperm

3 Aug  16.30–18.00  Session 4/10  Room KLT
An Encounter with Mahshid Amirshahi

Shadab Vajdi-Khonji  Chair

Mahshid Amirshahi  Main presenter

3 Aug  18.00–20.00  Session 5/10  Room KLT
Inside Out–Iranian Contemporary Literature in Diaspora and Translation (reading, discussion, reception)

Dominic Parviz Brookshaw  Chair

Persis M Karim  Moderator (part 1)

Parinaz EleishMimi KhalvatiRoxanne VarziSholeh WolpéZerreh  Readers (part 1)

Nahid Mozaffari  Moderator (part 2)

Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak  Moderator (part 2)

Farkhondeh Aghai, Goli Taraghi  Readers (part 2)

3 Aug  20.00–22.00  Session 6/1  Room BGLT
Window of Hope: Music of the Mashruteh (ticketed concert)

3 Aug  20.00–22.00  Session 6/10  Room KLT
Simin Behbehani: Life and Poetry

Houra Yavari  Chair

Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak  Moderator

Simin Behbehani  Main presenter

3 Aug  20.00–22.00  Session 6/13  Lyric
The Persian Revolution (ticketed play)

4 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 7/1  Room BGLT
Perspectives on the Iranian Periphery

Fereydoun Safizadeh  Chair and discussant

Samira Farahani  The Role of NGOs in Rebuilding Bam after the December 2003 Earthquake

Farhanaz Bahrampour  The Qanats of Tabriz (in Persian)

Ali Mozaffari  The Permanent and the Transient: Ashura and the Morphology of the Tradition Iranian City

4 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 7/2  Room G60
Medieval Culture and History - I

Juergen Paul  Chair and discussant

Zahra Rabbani  Sufi Orders in Seljuk Anatolia and Their Role in the Dissemination of Iranian Culture (in Persian)

Mark David Luce  Contextualising the Tarjameh-ye Tafsir-e Tabari and the Tarjameh-ye al-Sawad al-A'zam in Fourth/Tenth Century Transoxiana

Kazuo Morimoto  Putting Lubab al-Ansab in Context: Sayyids and Naqibs in Late Saljuq Khurasan

4 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 7/3  Room L67
Persian Literary Imagination

Paul Losensky  Chair and discussant

Abu Musa Mohammad Arif Billah  Influence of Attar's Mantiqu't Tair on Alaol and Jayasi's Padmavati: A Special Reference to Fana and Baqa

Ashk Dahlen  The Holy Fool in Medieval Islam: The Qalandariyat of Fakhr al-Din 'Araqi

Christine van Ruymbeke  A New Approach to the Anvar-e Sohayli as a Political Science Text

4 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 7/4  Room B104
Qajar Modernization and its Enemies

Oliver Bast  Chair and discussant

Gholamreza Salami  Alam-e Nesvan: A Pioneering Women's Magazine (in Persian)

Fatemeh Masjedi  Feminist Historiography of the Early Twentieth Century of Iran

Hoorieh Saeidi  Military Training During the Qajar Period (in Persian)

4 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 7/5  Room G52
Economic Growth under Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

Hashem Pesaran  Chair and discussant

Djavad Salehi-Isfahani  Economic Growth in Iran before the Oil Boom: An Evaluation of the 1963-73 Experience

Hadi Salehi-Esfahani  The Experience of High Economic Growth in Pre-Revolutionary Iran

Massoud Karshenas  Initial Conditions, Industrialisation Policies and Economic Growth: A Comparison of Iran and South Korea during the 1960s

4 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 7/6  Room G51
Royalty, Rebellion, and Sources in Sasanian History

Touraj Daryaee  Chair and discussant

Pavel B Lurye  Concepts of Kingship and Royal Power in Middle Iranian Anthroponomastics and Toponymy

Khodadad Rezakhani  Sexual Communalism: Rebellion of Mazdak and the Issue of Succession

Ze'ev Rubin  Hamza al-Isfahani's List of Sources for Iranian History and the Traces of Lost Sasanian Historiography

4 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 7/7  Room B102
Distorting History

Houchang E Chehabi  Chair and discussant

Moojan Momen  Conspiracy Theories and Forgeries: The Baha'i Community of Iran and the Construction of an Internal Enemy

Orly R Rahimiyan  The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: A Genealogic Exam

Haideh Sahim  Lost in Translation: Iranian Scholarship and Foreign Texts

4 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 7/8  Room G50
Transformations of Kurdish and Turkic Traditions: Case Studies from Armenia and Khorasan

Gay Breyley  Chair and discussant

Christine Allison  Memory and Commemoration Amongst Yezidis in Armenia

Stephen Blum  Stories of Imam Ali and Imam Reza, as Sung in the Kurdish and Turkish of Khorasan

Ameneh Youssefzadeh  Singing Narratives in Twenty First Century Iran: Dastan in the Repertoire of Khorasani Bards

4 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 7/10  Room KLT
Fiction, Journalism and Literary Societies in Post-Revolutionary Iran

Houra Yavari  Chair and discussant

Ali Dehbashi  Literary Societies and Journals in Post-Revolutionary Iran (in Persian)

Hassan Mirabedini  Post-Revolutionary Fiction: Continuity or Otherwise (in Persian)

Nahid Tavassoli  Women in Journalism in Post-revolutionary Iran (in Persian)

4 Aug  11.00–12.30  Session 8/1  Room BGLT
Gender in Post-Revolutionary Iranian Society

Janet Afary  Chair and discussant

Elizabeth M Bucar  A Tight Rope Act Over Common Moral Ground

Kouross Esmaeli  Legacy of the Imam: The Transsexual Rights Movement in Iran

Gilles Riaux  Gender and Nationalism in Iranian Azarbaijan

4 Aug  11.00–13.00  Session 8/2  Room G60
Medieval Culture and History - II

Roy Mottahedeh  Chair and discussant

Roxanne D Marcotte  A Mid-Thirteenth Century Aghaz va Anjam Work

Orkhan Mir-Kasimov  Unity of the Universe: The Concept of Original Word in Early Hurufi Texts

Christoph Werner  A Rival to the Safavids? Sheikh Muhammad Kujuji, Mystic, Poet and Politician of the Fourteenth Century

Thomas Hayoz  Hagiographic Tendencies in the Tarikh-e Rashidi: Mirza Haydar Dughlat's Hagio-Historiographic Way of Writing History

4 Aug  11.00–12.30  Session 8/3  Room L67
Sufism and Literature

Franklin Lewis  Chair and discussant

Farah Shadchehr  Pahlavan Mahmud, a Legend or a Poet? A Brief Study of his Life and Poetry

Paul Losensky  The Poet and the Courtesan Eros and Poetics in Mohtasham Kashani's Noql-e 'Oshshaq

Elizabeth Ross Alexandrin  Dream Visions of Mystical Time: Shams al-Din al-Daylami ( 1197 CE) between Sufism, Theology and Philosophy (in Persian)

4 Aug  11.00–13.00  Session 8/4  Room B104
Merchants and Pilgrims in Qajar Iran

Abbas Amanat  Chair and discussant

Gad Gilbar  The Fall of the Majales-e Vokala-ye Tojjar (1884-85)

Tomoko Morikawa  Shiite Pilgrimage for the Atabat During the Qajar Period

Mansoureh Ettehadieh  The Register of Sheikh Fazlallah Nuri: Commercial and Connubial Transactions in a Newly Discovered Document, 1303 HQ-1306/1885- 1889

Nobuaki Kondo  Loans in Qajar Tehran: A Study on Bay'-e Shart

4 Aug  11.00–12.30  Session 8/5  Room G52
Modern Education in Pahlavi Iran

Afshin Marashi  Chair and discussant

Soli Shahvar  The State, the Reform Process, and Baha'i Education in Shiite Iran, 1898-1934

Thomas M Ricks  Twentieth Century Memories of Alborz and Sage Colleges of Tehran: The Political Culture of Missionary Education

Jasamin Rostam-Kolayi  The American Girls' School and the Construction of Modern Iranian Identities

4 Aug  11.00–13.00  Session 8/6  Room G51
Kings and Queens of the Sasanian Empire

Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis  Chair and discussant

Touraj Daryaee  The Rise and Early History of Ardashir-e Pabagan

Haleh Emrani  Sasanian Queen Boran and other Female Rulers of her Age

Carlo G Cereti  From Husraw I to Husraw I: Some Thoughts on the Late Pahlavi Cursive

Rahim Shayegan  Indup'ne and Saxt: Two Iranian Satraps in Late Hellenistic, Early Arsacid, Iran

4 Aug  11.00–12.30  Session 8/7  Room B102
Influence of Iranian Religious Thought Outside Iran

Azim Nanji  Chair and discussant

Shirin Fathi  Ali Shariati in South Africa: An Example of Selective Reception

Mara A Leichtman  (Still) Exporting The Iranian Revolution: Senegalese Converts to Shiite Islam

Mark Sedgwick  The International Ramifications of the Thought of Seyyed Hossein Nasr

4 Aug  11.00–12.30  Session 8/8  Room G50
Paradoxes and Permutations: Historical and Cultural Perspectives on 'Iranian' Music

Stephen Blum  Chair and discussant

Ahmad Sarmast  An Issue of Terminology: Persian Music or Khurasani Music?

Gay Breyley  Sweetness and Light: Wedding Music in Iranian-Australian Communities

Sasan Fatemi  Ghazal Khani and Gardan Koloft (in Persian)

4 Aug  11.00–12.00  Session 8/10  Room KLT
Secularism, Secularization and Public Religion in Iran

Rachael M Rudolph  Chair and discussant

Richard C Martin  Hidden Bodies: The Problem of Accounting for Secular Muslims in Modern Religious Studies

Rachael M Rudolph  The Politics of Identity in the Iranian Environment: Competing Norms, the Cross-fertilization of Religious and Secular Identities and the Evolution of Energy Policy

4 Aug  13.00–15.00  Session 9/11  Russell
AIS Board Meeting (closed meeting)

4 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 10/1  Room BGLT
Aspects of Education in the Islamic Republic

Mahmoud Sadri  Chair and discussant

Patricia J Higgins  The Child's World as Portrayed in Iranian Elementary Textbooks

Mehri Honarbin-Holliday  A Quiet March for Self-Realisation and Intellectual Survival: Finding a Voice through the Processes of University Art Education in a Society where Personal and Collective Futures Remain Uncertain

Maryam Rezaee  A Study of Women in Higher Education in Iran with Special References to the Minority Religious Group

Shiva Sadeghi  Envisioning Education for Social Change: Perils and Promises of Gender Equity in the Islamic Republic of Iran

4 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 10/2  Room G60
Iran and China in the Mongol and Ming Periods

Bert Fragner  Chair and discussant

Ralf Kauz  Chinese Iranica in the Late and Post Mongol Period

Leo Oh  Islamicised Pseudo-Buddhist Iconography of Ilkhanid Royal Manuscripts

Yidan Wang  Persian Books in China

Charles Melville  Forging an Image of Chingiz Khan

4 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 10/3  Room L67
Monuments and Decoration in Medieval Persia

Robert Hillenbrand  Chair and discussant

Markus Ritter  Safavid Wall Painting in Iran: The Qaysariyyeh Portal at Isfahan

Irina Koshoridze & Marina Friedmann  New 'Old' Materials about Ali Qapu Fresco Paintings

Raya Shani  A Turkman Illustrated Copy of the Manqabat-nama or Qisseh-i Shir u Div Representing the Religious and Mystical Dimensions of 'Ali's Image as the Lion of God and the Sword of Islam

Mohammad Karim Mottaghi  The Qabus Tower (in Persian)

4 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 10/4  Room B104
History from Below: The Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Paul Luft  Chair and discussant

Vanessa Martin  Murder in Bushehr in 1844: The Case of Bibi Assilu

Behnaz Mirzai-Asl  African Slaves in Iran: A Neglected Aspect of Iranian History

Morteza Nouraei  Census, Revenue and the Lower Classes of Mashhad During the Last Decades of the Nineteenth Century, a Critical Study Based on the Zeynol 'Abedin Report

Stephanie Cronin  Popular Politics in Iran: The Urban Crowd and the Fall of the Qajar Dynasty

4 Aug  14.00–15.30  Session 10/5  Room G52
Socio-political Aspects of the Reign of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

Kamran Scott Aghaie  Chair and discussant

Massoumeh Velayati  Urbanisation and Rural-Urban Migration in Iran: A Historical Analysis

Soheila Torabi-Farsani  The Rise and Fall of the Fada'iyan Eslam (in Persian)

Keyvan Tabari  Mosaddeq's Conception of Constitutionalism Based on his Arguments Before the Court that Tried Him in 1953

4 Aug  14.00–15.30  Session 10/6  Room G51

Sarah Stewart  Chair and discussant

Kianoosh Rezania  Zurvan: Boundless Time or Timeless Time? The Question of Eternity and Time in Zoroastrianism

Jenny Rose  In Praise of the Good Waters: Cult and lay Offerings to Anahita in the Sasanian Period

Alberto Cantera & M A Andres-Toledo  Manuscript Transmission of the Avestan and Pahlavi Vïdevdad

4 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 10/7  Room B102
Re-thinking Anthropology in Iran

Soraya Tremayne  Chair

Shahnaz Nadjmabadi  Discussant

Nasser Fakouhi  Iranian Anthropology Facing New Challenges

Nematollah Fazeli  Before and After Konkur: An Ethnographic Account of the Iranian Concept of University

Soraya Tremayne  New Procreative Practices, Authoritative Knowledge and Relatedness: Case Studies From Iran

Shahnaz Nadjmabadi  Iranian Migrants in the Arab Countries of the Persian Gulf

4 Aug  14.00–15.30  Session 10/8  Room G50
Music and the Evolution of Twentieth Century Iranian Society

Laudan Nooshin  Chair and discussant

Parviz Emamzadeh Fard  Social Moods and Radical Change in the Late 1970s in Iranian Society: A Case in the Discourse Analysis of the Iranian Revolution of 1979

Farshad Mohammadi  The Progression of Persian Traditional Music through the Past Three Decades

Alireza Miralinaghi  The Influence of the Recording Companies in Iranian Traditional Music Transformation (1912-2002) (in Persian) 

4 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 10/10  Room KLT
Iran, Foreign Relations, and the Region

Gareth Stansfield  Chair and discussant

Nozar Alaolmolki  Regional Trade Cooperation

Houman Sadri  Iran and the Caspian States: Regional Integration

Robert S Miller  Iran, Iraq, & the Kurds: Viable Dreams and Unviable Alternatives?

Hooshang Amirahmadi  Iran's Foreign Relations

4 Aug  16.30–19.00  Session 11/1  Room BGLT
Urban Change in Post-Revolution Iran

Kaveh Ehsani  Chair

Bernard Hourcade  Discussant

Kamal Athari  In Search of Earthly Paradise-Spatial Justice in Urban Iran (in Persian)

Kaveh Ehsani  The Nation and its Periphery: Provincial Urban Iran in Revolution and War

Parviz Ejlali  Movie Theatres as Public Space in Contemporary Iranian Cities

Azam Khatam  Struggles over Defining the Moral City: Political Islam and Urban Public Life in Post-revolutionary Iran

Kian Tajbaksh  The Fate of Local Democracy Under the Islamic Republic: An Assessment of the Experience of Elected Local Government in Iran

4 Aug  16.30–18.30  Session 11/2  Room G60
State and Society in Ilkhanid Iran

Charles Melville  Chair and discussant

Ilker Evrim Binbas  Oghuz Khan Narratives, Politics, and Legitimacy in the Late Medieval Persianate Historiography

Ali Ferdowsi  Oedipus / Shah Shoja / Joseph: Princely Villainy and Legitimacy in Fourteenth Century Shiraz

Mohammad Karim Yousef-Jamali  The Policy of Qazan Khan's Submitting to Islam and its Effect on Other Existing Religions and Sects in Iran

Gholamreza Dar-Katanian  The Proliferation of the Iranian Tradition of Viziericide in the Ilkhanid Period (in Persian)

4 Aug  16.30–19.00  Session 11/3  Room L67
Pre-modern Art of the Book

Markus Ritter  Chair and discussant

Yuka Kadoi  Rostam's Tiger-Skin Coat


Raisa I Amirbekyan  Caesarean Childbirth as Reflected in Islamic Visual Arts: lllustrations from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh

Chad Kia  Is the Bearded Man Drowning? Picturing the Figurative in a Late Fifteenth-Century Painting from Afghanistan

Maryam Ekhtiar  From the Reed Pen to the Printing Press: The Innovations of Qajar Calligrapher Mirza Mohammad Reza Kalhor

Firuza Abdullaeva  Illustrated Shahnameh Manuscripts in the National Library of Russia and Their Relatives Abroad

4 Aug  16.30–19.00  Session 11/4  Room B104
Foreign Gazes on Persia

Vanessa Martin  Chair and discussant

Yuriko Yamanaka  Japanese Observations of Modernizing Iran: Yoshida Masaharu's Journey to Persia

Roya Arab  Scholars and What they Unwittingly Reveal: The Archaeology Survey of 1968 in Iran

Mohammad Taghi Nezam-Mafi  The Persian Within: John Malcolm and Harford Jones in Persia, 1800-1810

Nader Nasiri-Moghadam  Henry-René d'Allemagne and the Strange History of an Achaemenid Weight, Stolen From Iran at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Cyrus Alai  Foreigners Mapping Persia

4 Aug  16.30–18.30  Session 11/5  Room G52
Culture and Cultural Policies Under Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

Ali Ansari  Chair and discussant

Houchang E Chehabi  The Shiraz Festival of Arts

Mohammad Tavakoli-Targhi  Islamic Purity and Cultural Politics in Twentieth-Century Iran

Keyvan Khosrovani  The Empress and I: Haute Couture and Iranian Crafts

Mina Marefat  Architecture and Americanism: Iran in the 1970s

4 Aug  16.30–19.00  Session 11/6  Room G51
Arsacid and Sasanian Political and Administrative History

Carlo G Cereti  Chair and discussant

Mehrdad Ghodrat-Dizaji  Azarbaijan in the Early Sasanian Period: A Research in Administrative Geography

Parvaneh Pourshariati  The Early Arab Conquest of Iran Revisited

Ali Mohammad Tarafdari  The Formation of Feudal Structure in the Arsacid Era (in Persian)

Farhad Assar  Arsaces IV (c. 170-168 BC) the First Missing Parthian King

Reza Mehrafarin  In the Search of Ram Shahrestan: The Capital of Sistan during the Sasanian Period

4 Aug  16.30–19.00  Session 11/7  Room B102
Social Implications of the Internet

Majid Tafreshi  Chair and discussant

Sanaz Raji  Iranian-American Diaspora Internet Community: Second-Generation Iranian-Americans and Diasporic Communications

Gholam Khiabany & Annabelle Sreberny  A Multitude of Voices: Public and Private Politics as Articulated in the Iranian Blogosphere

Shahram Kholdi  Contested Memories and Competing Narratives of the Islamic Revolution in Cyberspace

Shirin Sadeghi  Iranian Cyberdemocracy: A Survey of Iranian Internet Use

Marcus Michaelsen  Media and Processes of Political Transformation: The Internet in the Islamic Republic of Iran

4 Aug  16.30–17.30  Session 11/8  Room G50
Iranian Popular Music: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Ameneh Youssefzadeh  Chair and discussant

Farzaneh Hemmasi  From Iranian to World: Persian-Language Pop Crosses Over

Laudan Nooshin  'We Have to Become Universal': Internationalist Discourses and Language Choice in Contemporary Iranian Rock Music

4 Aug  16.30–19.00  Session 11/10  Room KLT
Ethics in Iran: Historical and Literary Perspectives

Richard Bulliet  Chair and discussant

Olga Davidson  Moral Choices in the Shahnameh

Ali Gheissari  Charting Iran's Moral Map

Farzin Vahdat  Napoleon has No Clothes: Elements of Iranian Modern Ethos and the Satire of Iraj Pezeshkzad

Houra Yavari  Ethics and its Audience

Mehdi Mohaghegh  Ethics in Iran: Historical and Literary Perspective

4 Aug  18.30–20.00  Session 12/1  Room BGLT
Shirin Neshat and Tariq Ali 'In-Conversation'

Tariq Ali  Chair

Shirin Neshat  Main presenter

4 Aug  20.00–22.00  Session 13/12  Senior Common Room
AIS Reception (ticketed reception)

4 Aug  20.00–22.00  Session 13/13  Lyric
The Persian Revolution (ticketed play)

5 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 14/1  Room BGLT
Cultural Tensions in Contemporary Iranian Society

Ali Gheissari  Chair and discussant

Mahdi Ahouie  Iranian Society and the Challenge of a Cultural Split

Aliakbar Jafari  An Enquiry into Cultural Consumption Among Iranian Youth and the Implications of Globalisation

Jaclyn Michael  Cultural Hegemony and Cultural Resistance in the Islamic Republic: The Islamic Authorities and Iran's Third Generation

5 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 14/2  Room G60
State Institutions in Safavid and Afshar Iran

Edmund Herzig  Chair and discussant

Michael Axworthy  The Army of Nader Shah

Colin P Mitchell  Theosophy and Scribal Culture in the Court of Shah Esmail

Abolala Soudavar  The Patronage of the Vizier Mirza Salman

5 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 14/3  Room L67
Epic Literature

Christine van Ruymbeke  Chair and discussant

Ghazzal Dabiri  The Origins and Development of Persian Epic Literature

Evangelos Venetis  Dating the Narrative: The Case of the Iskandarnameh Prose Romance

Nahid Pirnazar  The Judeo-Persian Epic of Fatnameh a Testament to the Unity of Iranian Jews with their Iranian Heritage

5 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 14/4  Room B104
Iran and the Major Powers

Heidi Walcher  Chair and discussant

Irina Natchkebia  The Indian Expedition of 1805-9 and Napoleon's Emissaries to Persia

Evan Siegel  Ahmad Kasravi and Iran's Foreign Relations

Mohammad Reza Saeidabadi  Iranian-British Relations since the Iranian Revolution of 1979: A Conceptual Approach

5 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 14/5  Room G52
Persian Language and Linguistics

Behrooz Mahmoodi-Bakhtiari  Chair and discussant

Koorosh Angali  Development of the Third Singular Copula in the Post-Revolutionary Colloquial Persian

Anousha Sedighi  Impersonal Constructions in Persian: How Impersonal Are They?

Farhad Keyvan et al.  A New Lexical Resource: Persian WordNet

5 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 14/7  Room B102
Religious Change in Iran

Michael Zirinsky  Chair and discussant

Mehrdad Amanat  Messianism and Identity: Jewish Conversions to the Baha'i Faith

Kathryn Spellman  Iranian Muslims Converting to Christianity in Iran and the Wider Diaspora

Anne Sophie Vivier-Muresan  Communitarian Neighbourhoods and Religious Minorities in Iran: A Comparative Analysis

5 Aug  09.00–10.30  Session 14/8  Room G50
Gender and the Law in the Islamic Republic

Mary Hegland  Chair and discussant

Golbarg Bashi  Rethinking Human Rights in Iran: A Feminist Critique

Zahra Tizro  Sanctions and Sanctuary: Domestic Violence Against Women in Iran

Elhum Shakerifar  Temporary Marriage in Modern Iran

5 Aug  09.00–10.00  Session 14/10  Room KLT
Women Writers

Persis M Karim  Chair and discussant

Leila Pazargadi  Exiled Identity: Women Writers Renegotiating Iranian and American Identities

Elham Gheytanchi  Mahasti Shahrokhi and Exilic Literature

5 Aug  11.00–13.00  Session 15/1  Room BGLT
The Politics of Interpreting the Iranian Revolution: Then and Now

Ali Banuazizi  Chair and discussant

Fariba Adelkhah  From a Universalistic Islamic Revolution to Specific Demands for Legal Rights and Socioeconomic Equality: The Iranian Revolution and the Contextualization of Social Movements' Agendas

Charles Kurzman  Social Science and the Iranian Revolution

Ahmad Sadri & Mahmoud Sadri  A Case Study of the Changing Status and Perceptions of the Hojjatieh Before and After the Revolution

Maziar Behrooz  Leftist Interpretations of the Iranian Revolution: Then and Now

5 Aug   11.00-12.30  Session 15/2  Room G60
The Imaginary in Safavid Persia

Kathryn Babayan  Chair and discussant

Sholeh A Quinn  The Dreams of Sheikh Safi al-Din in Late Safavid Chronicles

Nozhat Ahmady  The Role of Dreams in the Political Affairs of the Safavids (in Persian)

Hafez Abid Masood  Early Modern English Awareness of Sectarian Identities in Islam

5 Aug  11.00–12.30  Session 15/3  Room L67
The World of Jalal al Din Rumi

Leonard Lewisohn  Chair and discussant

Yaseen Noorani  Time and Narrative in the Masnavi of Jalal al-Din Rumi

Manijeh Mannani  The Philosophical Fundamentals of Belief in the Mystical Poetry of Donne and Rumi

Asef Siddiqi Some Hitherto Unknown or Lesser Known Mss of the Commentaries Of Maulana Rumi's Masnavi Manavi

5 Aug  11.00–12.30  Session 15/4  Room B104
State and Society in the Islamic Republic

Farzin Vahdat  Chair and discussant

Anisseh van Engeland-Nourai  Refugees in : From a Human Crisis to Migration Management?

Houshang Jeirani  The Role of Non-governmental News Agencies in Developing Iranian Civil Society

Kavous Seyed-Emami  Why did They Vote for Him? The Subjective Meaning of Voting for Ahmadinejad

5 Aug  11.00–12.30  Session 15/5  Room G52
Issues in Iranian Linguistics

Gernot Windfuhr  Chair and discussant

Behrooz Mahmoodi-Bakhtiari  Verbal Negation in the Bakhtiari Dialect

Mohsen Farsani Lamentation among Bakhtiari Nomads of Iran

Agnes Korn  Historical Morphology Groupwise: The Development of Western Iranian Nominal Systems

5 Aug  11.00–13.00  Session 15/7  Room B102
The Iranian Diaspora in the Anglo-Saxon World

Mohammad Tavakoli-Targhi  Chair and discussant

Noosheen Hashemi  Diaspora Philanthropy: The Case of the Iranian Community

Amir Mirfakhraie  Transmigration of Iranians to Canada and Construction of Multiple-identities, 1946-2001

Maryam Jamarani  A Descriptive Study of the Ethno-linguistic Identity Re-Construction of Female Iranian Immigrants in Australia

Fariba Amini  The Iranian Diaspora in the United States: How They View Iran, the US and the Future

5 Aug  11.00–13.00  Session 15/8  Room G50
Politics in the Islamic Republic: Recent Development

Massoud Karshenas  Chair and discussant

Sussan Siavoshi  Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi: A Voice of Authoritarian Islam

Mehrzad Boroujerdi  Circulation of Elites in Post-Revolutionary Iran

Mansour Moaddel  Slowly Beginning to Conquer: The Rise of Iranian Nationalism

Abbas William Samii  Mahmud Ahmadinejad One Year After

5 Aug  11.00–13.00  Session 15/10  Room KLT
Intellectual and Artistic Life after Khomeini

Homa Katouzian  Chair and discussant

Reza Najafi  Humanities Studies during the Khatami Reform Period (in Persian)

Majid Tafreshi  Blotting the Copybook Redlines and Censorship of Iranian Historiography in the Mid-1990s

Hamid Keshmirshekan  Contemporary or Specific: The Dichotomous Desires in the Art of Early 21st Century Iran

Marek Smurzynski  Holistic Narratives of Abu Torab Khosravi's Novels

5 Aug  13.00–15.00  Session 16/12  Russell
Iranian Studies Organisations Meeting (closed meeting)

5 Aug  14.00–15.30  Session 17/1  Room BGLT
Political Culture in Contemporary Iran

Mehrzad Boroujerdi  Chair and discussant

Mateo Farzaneh  Martyrdom on the Frontlines of the Iran-Iraq War

Shahin Pahnadayan  History of Political Thought in Iran (in Persian)

Saeed Moghimi  Different Era: Individualism and Political Development in Iran (in Persian)

5 Aug  14.00–15.30  Session 17/2  Room G60
Safavid Culture and Society

Giorgio Rota  Chair and discussant

Abolfazl Hassanabady  Suyurghal (Land Tenure) in the Safavid Period

Derek J Mancini-Lander  Epistemologies of Place: Urban Memory in a 17th Century Local History of Yazd

Kathryn Babayan  Idioms of Friendship in Safavi Iran

5 Aug  14.00–15.30  Session 17/4  Room B104
Social Pathologies in the Islamic Republic

Fariba Adelkhah  Chair and discussant

Amir Mohammad Amirtash  Iranian Youth and their Physical Fitness Standards (in Persian)

Babak Fozooni  A Bakhtinian Reading of Iranian Football Riots

Eshrat Gholipour  Children, Work and the Street: The Empowerment of Iran's Street Children (in Persian)

5 Aug  14.00–16.00  Session 17/7  Room B102
The Local and the National in Contemporary Iran

Houman Sadri  Chair and discussant

Behrang Foroughi  Local Participation: The Missing Key to Democratic Reform in Iran?

Fereydoun Safizadeh  Is There Anyone in Iranian Azarbaijan who wants to get a Passport to go to Mashhad, Qum, Isfahan or Shiraz? The Dynamics of an Ethno-National Identity in Iran

Matin Mehryar  The Effects of Uneven Development in Northern Khorasan

Mostafa Zamani-Nia  Problems of Writing on Iranian Local History: The Case of Farahan (in Persian)

5 Aug 14.00–16.00 Session 17/8 Room G50
Nationalism, Myth & Mobilisation in Modern Iran

Mohammad Tavakoli-Targhi  Chair and discussant

Afshin Matin-Asgari  Marxism and Nationalism as Modern Iran's Myths of Popular Mobilisation

Shabnam Holliday  Contesting Iranian National Identity in the Era of Reform

Touraj Atabaki  Ethnic Minorities, Regionalism and the Construction of New Histories in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Ali Ansari  Dynastic Nationalism and the Cult of the Monarchy

5 Aug  14.00-15.30  Session 17/10  Room KLT
Themes in Contemporary Persian Literature

Leili Anvar-Chenderoff  Chair and discussant

Jalil Nozari  Sadegh Hedayat's Three Drops of Blood and The Blind Owl and Nikolai Leskov's Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk District

Guilan Siassi  Pen-Cases, Flower Vases, and Poisoned Wine: Heirlooms of Time in Hedayat's The Blind Owl

Sherwin Khamseh  The Ancient Notions of Resurrection and the Saviour in Contemporary Persian Poetry

5 Aug  16.30–18.30  Session 18/1  Room BGLT
Iran's Nuclear Programme: Peaceful or Perilous? (panel discussion)

Rouzbeh Pirouz  Chair

Mehdi Askarieh  Panellist

Mark Fitzpatrick  Panellist

Roger Hardy  Panellist

Phyllis Starkey  Panellist

5 Aug  20.00–22.00  Session 19/13  Lyric
The Persian Revolution (ticketed play)