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Natalia Chalisova


Sample Publications

Among her main publications are Rashid al-Din Vatvat. Hadaiq al-Sihr. Introduction, translation into Russian, commentary (Moscow 1985), Shams-i Qays Razi. al-Mu‘jam. Introduction, translation into Russian, commentary (Moscow 1997), Anis al-‘Ushshaq and conventions of the description of beauty // Pamyatniki literaturnoy mysli Vostoka, Moscow 2004; Nizami. Layli and Majnun (introduction, translation into Russian, commentary, co-edited with Maxim Rusanov), Moscow 2008; Jalal al-Din Rumi. Masnavi-i maʻnavi. Daftar 4 (introduction, translation into Russian, commentary, Moscow 2010 (co-edited with Leyla Lahuti, Natalia Prigarina, Maxim Rusanov). One of her current translation and research projects is: Russian Hafiz. Complete and commented philological translation (in co-authorship with N. Prigarina, M. Rusanov), see publications in Iranoslavica, Moscow, 2005 – 2010, № 1 – 21). Her recent publication on Hafiz translations in Russia is: Untranslated and Untranslatable in the Ghazals of Hafiz // Russia and the Muslim World: Otherness as a Problem. Moscow, 2010, pp. 385-468 (О непереводимом и непереведенном в газелях Хафиза // Россия и мусульманский мир: инаковость как проблема. Москва, 2010, с. 385-468).

Field of Research

Classical Persian literature

Current Position

Professor of Persian Literature, Russian State University for the Humanities