The Foundations in Iran: an obstacle to the globalisation of the Iranian economy ?

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Thierry Coville is a Professor of Economics at Negocia, and a Research Fellow at l’Institut de relations internationales et stratégiques (IRIS). He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Paris X , having defended a dissretation titled "The Iranian Economy since the Islamic Revolution: Between Order and Disorders" (published by L'Harmattan, 2002).He has also worked as an economist at the Paris Chamber of Commerce. He teaches macroeconomics, international economics and country risk, and conducts research on contemporary Iran. Among his major publications are the titles Perspectives Iran, Nord-Sud Export, 2002; L’économie de l’Iran islamique : entre ordre et désordres, L’Harmattan, 2002; Iran : la révolution invisible, La Découverte, 2007.

There are very few serious academic works on the role of the foundations (bonyads) in Iran. The fact is that these organisations do not communicate a lot of (if any) information on their activities. This paper will try to measure the scope of their economic activities, and will address the question whether these foundations are an obstacle to a real liberalization of the Iranian economy.

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