Gender and the creative impulse in the short stories of Zahra Hakimi, Farideh Kheradmand, Moniru Ravanipur and Zoya Pirzad

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Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
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Ludmila Yaneva is an Associate Professor of Persian Phonetics and Lexicology; Morphology and Syntax; Persian Phraseology and Theory of Translation at the Center of Eastern Languages and Cultures. Sofia University, Bulgaria. Her research interests encompass modern Persian literature and language.

The proposed paper analyses the never ending conflict between family duty and urge for writing of the female protagonist in  Zahra Hakimi`s ‘The story of a busy writer and other stories”, Farideh Kheradmand`s “I only wanted to write a story”, Moniru Ravanipur`s “The House of Ghousts” and Zoya Pirzad “ The Story of the Rabit and the Tomato”.   It examines the methods through which the four authors depict the  woman-writer,  a split, hyphenated personality plagued by guilt for failing to fulfill both the demands of her calling, and the expectations associated with  traditional gender roles in Iranian society. The paper further explores the function assigned to the genre of the short story in women’s quest for opportunities of artistic expression.

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