Stone: Silent Presence in Old Iranian Beliefs

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Fadaie Tehrani
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Concordia University
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Azadeh Fadaie Tehrani holds a B.A. in Textile Design and an M.A. in the Ancient Culture & Languages of Iran from Tehran University. She obtained a M.A. in Religious Studies from Concordia University in 2009. She lives in Canada.

Stone is known as man's first weapon against the perils of a hostile environment, and the tool that set humankind onto the road of civilization. Stone has had an aura of divinity for human beings since the dawn of their existence, and has been the source of a variety of beliefs throughout history.  Despite its importance, its role in Iranian beliefs and rites has never been seriously studied.  If explored, the belief in the sanctity of stones and its roots in history can lead to a better understanding of ancient rites, the significance of which might otherwise be lost to us .
The present study explores the sanctity of stones and their sacred role in myths, beliefs and ancient Iranian texts. The importance of stone in Iranian beliefs is considered from different angles, such as the creation of stony sky; the stony dresses of  Ormaz and the Amshaspandan, the gushing of water out of stone, the stony human soul, stone at the beginning of world creation, tools and rituals related to stone, and stone related religious precepts.

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Ancient Culture & languages of Iran
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Up to the 9th century
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Ancient Iranian period (Pre-Islamic Period)
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