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University of Arizona
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Parvaneh Hosseini is a Persian instructor and PhD student at the Near Eastern Studies department at the University of Arizona. She got both her BA and MA degrees in Applied Linguistics (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in Tehran, Iran. The topic of her MA thesis was *Complexity Theory and Process Paradigm in EFL Syllabus Design: An Action Research on Learners’ Autonomy Development.* She has been teaching a “Foreign” language for more than 15 years; first English in Iran then Persian at the university of Arizona. Her interest in the field of second language acquisition includes the ultimate use of authentic material and real life tasks in the process of second language learning, as well as the spoken vs. written language form in learning Persian as a second language.
Currirulum Design Guidelines and Persian Materials Development. 
American Association of Teachers of Persian Round-table at AIS
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