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New York City
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Habib Borjian has taught Persian in the U.S. and abroad, including at the Department of Comparative Literature and Languages at Hofstra University. He took graduate courses on Iranian Studies at Columbia University while completing his graduate work in engineering. Dr Borjian further pursued his studies on Iranian languages, which resulted in an MA in Ancient Iranian Languages, University of Tehran (1998), and a PhD in Iranian Linguistics, Yerevan State University (2004). He has written articles on Persia, Central Asia and the Caucasus in various journals and *Encyclopedia Iranica*, to which he is a regular contributor, and has contributed to the books *Orthography of Iranian Languages*, *Tabari Texts*, and *Median Dialects of Isfahan* in Persian. He is the associate editor of *Journal of Persianate Studies*, and his current research focuses on documentation of endangered dialects of Persia.
Currirulum Design Guidelines and Persian Materials Development. 
American Association of Teachers of Persian Round-table at AIS
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