The Impact and Relevance of the Iranian Diaspora in Europe

There are approximately four to five million Iranians living abroad. Many of these individuals are in the United States, with lower populations in Western Europe, Canada, Australia and other Middle East countries. There have been a number of studies conducted on the Iranian-American diaspora, but fewer on the Iranian-European and other countries. This study was a comprehensive examination on the Iranian diaspora in Europe; their occupation, level of education, integration in new home country, cultural identity and interests as a migrant community in the EU.

The purpose of the study was to shed more light on the relative status and identity of the Iranian Diaspora in several European countries and when and why they moved to this specific location in Europe?

The study has been gathered through a thorough literature review and a quantitative research survey with approximately 2,000 participants in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden and the Netherlands (the United Kingdom can be replaced with France). Participants were identified through various channels on the internet, such as through Facebook groups, blogs and other websites targeting the Iranian Diaspora.

Results of the study show the interrelationship of perceived status/identity, social integration and civic engagement of the Iranian diaspora in Western Europe, by looking at identity and perceived status. Final conclusions are drawn on the role of the diaspora and how these results can be shared with policy makers and the Iranian diaspora community.

(Paper by Pari Namazie, Ali Honari, Bijan Khajehpour)