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Sample Publications

Farid ud-Din Attar. Bulbulnameh.(translation from Persian to Azerbaijani, introduction and comments). Baku, 2006, 144 p.

Life of Outstanding People. Haydar Aliyev (translation from Russian to Persian). 2007, 608 p. Proverbs in Azerbaijani, Persian, English and Russian. 2007, 116 p.

Persian-Azerbaijani Dictionary (with Prof. M.Nagisoylu, Dr.A.Bagirov and A.Ramazanov). 2007, 640 p.

Uzeyir Hajibeykov. Turkic-Russian and Russian-Turkic Dictionary of political, law, economic and military terms using in press. Published in 1907 (transliteration). 2013, 296 p.

Heinrich Friedrich von Diez. A Comparison of the newly discovered Oghuz Cyclops with Homer`s/ @The Book of Dada Qorqud@.The tale of how Basat killed Tepegoz. (translation from English to Persian). Baku, 2015, 80 p. 

"Shaikh Sanan" Theme in Azerbaijani Literature (monograph, in Azerbaijani). Baku, 2015, 304 p.