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William Beeman


Academic Profile

William O. Beeman is Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology,
University of Minnesota and President of the Middle East Section of the American
Anthropological Association. He was formerly Professor of Anthropology and Director
of Middle East Studies at Brown University. Best known as a Middle East Specialist for
more than 30 years, he has also worked in Central Asia, the Caucasus, Japan, China and
South Asia. Recognized for special expertise in Iranian culture and linguistics, he is the
author or editor of more than 100 scholarly articles, 500 opinion pieces and 14 books,
including Language, Status and Power in Iran, and The "Great Satan" vs. the "Mad
Mullahs": How the United States and Iran Demonize Each Other. His latest book from
Mazda Press is Iranian Performance Forms: Keys to Iranian Culture. He has served
as consultant to the United States State Department, the Department of Defense, the
United Nations and the United States Congress. A frequent commentator on international
radio and television, his written opinion pieces have also appeared in major newspapers
throughout the world.

Sample Publications

2008. The “Great Satan” vs. the “Mad Mullahs”: How the United States and Iran Demonize Each Other. Paperback edition. Updated with new preface. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (release date: April 2008). 2012 Iranian Performance Traditions. Costa Mesa:: Mazda Publications. 2004c Zaban, Hovviat va Ghodrat dar Iran. [Persian translation of Beeman, 1986, Language, Status and Power in Iran]. Tehran: Keyvan Publications. Translated by Reza Zoghdar Moghaddam. 1986 Language Status and Power in Iran Bloomington: Indiana University Press. xxii + 255 pp. 1982 Culture, Performance and Communication in Iran. Tokyo: Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa. (ILCAA). xix + 223 pp.

Current Position

Mr, University of Minnesota