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Elena Dunaeva

Ph D

Academic Profile

Moscow, Institute of Oriental Studies, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Department of Iranian Studies - Postgraduate Studies, 1986-1990.
Ph. D - History. (1990).
Research Fellow - 1991- 1997, Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow, Department of Kurdish Studies
Senior Researcher - 1998 – Present, Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow, Department of Iranian Studies
Associate professor (Persian language) 1996-2006, Moscow State University of International Relations
Associate professor (Persian language) 2003-2006, Oriental University, Moscow.

Sample Publications

Russo – Iranian Borders Formation. First ed. – Moscow, 1998 (coauthor – L.Kulagina), Second ed. – Moscow, 2008. ‘The history of Russia – Iran Borders Formation”,translated in Persian - Tehran , 1388. The Role and the Place of Iran in the Region. (coauthor N.Mamedova, L.Kulagina and others) –Moscow, 2009. USSR and Eastern Countries (before and during the Second World War – (coauthor N.Mamedova, A.Orishev and others). Moscow, 2010. More than 60 articles

Current Position

senior researcher, Institute of Oriental Studies