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Jake Benson

Graduate Certificate

Academic Profile

Bookbinding Program, North Bennet Street School (1993-1995)
Persian Studies Major, University of Maryland College Park (2007-2011)
Graduate Persian Flagship Program, University of Maryland College Park (2011-2012)

Sample Publications

Book Chapters: Co-authored with Keelan Hall Overton. “Sources for ‘Adil Shahi Collecting: Seals, Scribal Notations, and Libraries.” in Empires of the Near East and India: Sources for the Study of the Safavid, Ottoman, and Mughal Societies, Hani Khafipour, ed. (Forthcoming; under contract with Columbia UP for publication in 2016.) “The Qiṭa‘āt-i Khūsh Khaṭṭī Album.” in Iran and the Deccan: Persianate Art, Culture, and Talent in Circulation, c. 1400-1700. Keelan Hall Overton, ed. (Forthcoming; under contract with Indiana UP for publication in 2017) “The Art of Abri: Marbled Album leaves, Drawings and Paintings of the Deccan” in Sultans of Deccan India 1500-1700: Opulence and Fantasy. N. Haidar & M. Sardar, eds. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2015. 157-59. “Satisfying an Appetite for Books: Innovation, Production, & Modernization in Later Islamic Bookbinding” in Persian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures: New Leaves, Fresh Looks. K. Talatoff, ed. London: Routledge, 2015. 365-394. Articles: “An Interview with Dr. Nasrollah Pourjavady.” Persiphony. 3 (Summer, 2008), 14-16. “A Brief History, and Possible Origin of the Schrotel Pattern.” Society of Marbling Annual, (2006), 7-10. “Historical References to Marbling in East Asia.” Society of Marbling Annual (2004), 20-27. “Etherington Conservation Center Treats the Archives of Noted Egyptian Architect Hassan Fathy.” New Library Binding Scene. 19:1 (Spring, 2000). “A Moldy Mess: Treatment of Water Damaged Books from the Collection of Pope Clement XI.” The Title Page (Fall, 1997). Reviews: “Paper Before Print: the History and Impact of Paper in the Islamic World by Jonathan Bloom.” Hand Papermaking. 17:2 (Winter, 2002).

Current Position

Curator, Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation Dar al-Kutub Manuscript Project, Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation