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Academic Profile

Assist. Prof. Dr. Emre İşeri is a faculty member in the Department of International Relations at Kadir Has University. He received his undergraduate degree in 2002 from the Department of Political Science at Bilkent University. With his thesis entitled “The US Policy Towards European Integration: The Case of Turkey’s Accession to the EU,” he was awarded a master’s degree from the Department of EU Politics and International Relations at the EU Institute at Marmara University. He wrote another thesis, “Turkey’s security relations with the US and the EU in the post-September 11 period” at the Department of International Conflict Analysis at the University of Kent in England, and he earned his Ph.D. in 2008 from Keele University in England with his dissertation entitled “The US grand strategy and the Eurasian heartland in the 21st Century: with special reference to the main Caspian oil export pipeline BTC.” Dr. İşeri also conducted research at the Silk Road Studies Institute at Uppsala University. He began teaching in the Department of International Relations at Kadir Has University upon his return to Turkey in 2009. He teaches Theories of International Relations , Conflict Analysis and Resolution , Eurasian Geopolitics , Middle East Politics ,and Energy Security. His areas of research include International Political Economy, Energy Security, Euro-Asian Politics, Middle East Politics ,and Turkey’s Foreign Policy. İşeri has published academic articles in numerous books and journals both in Turkey and abroad, including Geopolitics , Uluslararası İlişkiler Dergisi ( the Journal of International Relations ) , Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies , and Energy Policy.

Sample Publications

1. " A New Energy Paradigm for Turkey: A Political Risk-Inclusive Cost Analysis for Sustainable Energy " , Energy Policy , ( with Serhan Oksay ) (forthcoming) 2. "The Limitations of Turkey's New Foreign Policy Activism in the Caucasian Regional Security Complexity" , Turkish Studies , ( with A.Oguz Dilek ) ( forthcoming) 3. " Geopolitics and Financial Crisis : Transforming Turkish-Russian relations " , Journal of Balkans and Near East Studies , Vol.12 , Issue.2 , 2010. 4. "The US grand-strategy and the Eurasian Heartland in the 21st century", Geopolitics , Vol.14 , Number 1 , 2009. 5. " Beyond American Petrodollar Hegemony at the eve of Global Peak Oil ", Uluslararasi İlişkiler Dergisi ( Turkish Academic Journal of International Relations) , Enerji Özel , 2009.

Current Position

Lecturer, Kadir Has University