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Sample Publications

“The Forgotten Dervishes: The Bektashi Convents in Iraq and their Kizilbash Clients,” International Journal of Turkish Studies, 16, no. 1&2 (2011). “Documents and Buyruk Manuscripts in the Private Archives of Alevi Dede Families: An Overview,” British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 37, no. 3 (Dec. 2010): 273-286. “The Emergence of the Kızılbaş in Western Thought: Missionary Accounts and Their Aftermath,” in Archaeology, Anthropology and Heritage in the Balkans and Anatolia: The Life and Times of F.W. Hasluck 1878-1920, vol. 2: 329-353, ed. David Shankland. Istanbul: Isis Press, 2004. “Women, Gender and Feminist Movements: Turkey,” in Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, ed. Suad Joseph et al. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2003. “Debating Progress in a ‘Serious Newspaper for Muslim Women’: The Periodical Kadın of the Post-Revolutionary Salonica, 1908-1909,” British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 30, no.2 (November 2003): 155-181.

Current Position

Assistant Professor, College of William and Mary