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Laetitia Nanquette

Academic Profile

Senior Lecturer

Australian Research Council Fellow (2015-2019)

Vice-Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2013-2015)

Fulbright visiting scholar, Harvard University (2011-2012)

Affiliated to the CNRS Mondes iranien et indien, Paris and to the Centre for Iranian Studies, SOAS

PhD from SOAS, 2011

MA in Middle Eastern Studies from SOAS

Persian studies at Isfahan University and Dehkhoda, Tehran

Certificate in Persian from Langues' O, Paris

BA in Philosophy, Sorbonne University

Sample Publications

« Orientalism versus Occidentalism : Literary and Cultural Imaging Between France and Iran Since the Islamic Revolution », 2013, I.B. Tauris

"Iranian Literature after the Islamic Revolution. Production and Circulation in Iran and the World", 2021, Edinburgh UP


Field of Research

Comparative Literature

Current Position

Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales