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Academic Profile

Maziar Behrooz was born in Tehran-Iran. He received his B.A degree in History-Government from Saint Mary College of California (1982), his M.A. in Modern History of Europe from San Francisco State University (1986), and his Ph.D. in Modern History of the Near East from University of California, Los Angeles (1993). He is an associate professor at the History Department of San Francisco State University. He has authored numerous articles and book chapters on Iran and has authored two books on the history of the left movement in Iran. His first book is Rebels with a Cause (1999), has been translated into Persian (2001) and Turkish (2006). His second book is Perspectives on the History of Rebels with a Cause in Iran (2006) is a collection of articles and interviews on the left movement in Iran, translated and published in Iran. His current research project is about late 18th century-early 19th century encounters between Iran and the Western world.

Scholarly Interests

Current Position

Associate Professor, San Francisco State University