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Rachel Howes


Academic Profile

I am an Associate Professor of History at California State University, Northridge specializing in the Middle East. I study primarily politics and culture in Fatimid Egypt and Buyid Iran in the eleventh century CE. I also teach Middle Eastern history from 600CE to the present and pre-modern world history. I am interested in the court politics and culture of the eleventh century and in the formation of intellectuals writing in this period. I am also interested in how this compares to the politics and culture of courts in other times and places. A secondary interest is the reaction of eleventh century intellectuals to crises. I have written on the court politics of Cairo and Shiraz and am presently working on a series of articles related to various aspects of the so-called Great Crisis in Egypt, as well as on court politics in the Middle East in the Fatimid-Buyid period more generally.

Sample Publications

“The Qadi, the Wazir and the Da`i: Religious and Ethnic Relations in Buyid Shiraz in the Eleventh Century.” Iranian Studies, vol 44, no. 6 (November 2011): 875-894.

Current Position

Associate Professor of History, CSUN