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Viktor Magomedkhanov

Master's Degree

Academic Profile

Currently working on PhD dissertation, "Soviet Policy in Iranian Kurdistan on the Eve of the Second World War," in a number of archives through the Russian Federation.

Sample Publications

"Nazi Germany, Turkish 'Neutrality', and the Machinations of German Intelligence" - article in "History: Questions of Theory and Practice," issue 10, 2014 "German Expansionism in Iran and the Kurdish National Liberation Movement" - article in "Fundamental Research," issue 2, 2015 "World War II: Soviet Kurdish Relations in the 1940s" - article in "Fundamental Research," issue 2, 2015 "Lend-Lease: The Iranian Corridor to the USSR and the Kurdish Question" - article in "Contemporary Problems in Scholarship and Education," issue 1, 2015

Current Position

PhD Candidate, Yelets State University