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Salour Evaz Malayeri


Academic Profile

Education and experience

Salour graduated with an MA in Persian literature and language from Azad University of Tehran in 2011. He did his thesis on the relationship between Ideology and Literature in Persian Medieval poetry through analysing the odes of Nasir-e Khusraw and Sa’edi’s first chapter of Boustan, which earned him a first-class grade. He has attended numerous series of masterclasses about modern literary theory and criticism in Tehran and published a number of essays on cultural production in Iran, as well as film and book reviews in Iranian journals.

Salour’s PhD thesis focuses on Persian classical Literature between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries. By analysing texts from different discursive contexts, his research shows how literary texts as a reflection of social life and power relations, represents different forms of cultural resistance.


In 2012 Salour conducted a research project under the title of ‘Values and beliefs in Iranian War Literature during 1980s’ in which he examines two diverging types of the fiction produced on Iran-Iraq war during the first decade of Islamic Revolution. The first type holds a critical view towards the war and the other functions like an ideological apparatus for the revolutionary government and is known as the literature of ‘Holy Defence’.

Seminar papers
'Literary self-consciousness and the Persian Enlightenment; Analysing the literary thoughts and Ideas of Mirza Fatali Akhundzade'_ Ginko and BIPS conference titled 'Iran's Constitutional Revolution and the Narratives of Enlightenment' _ London_ September 2015

‘Ideology; From a Critical Concept to a multidisciplinary approach in Literary Theory’. Post Graduate Research Seminar, March 2015.


“The Reproduction of Persian Despotic Rule through Classical Didactic Literature- the Case of Sa’edi’s BOUSTAN” in Jostarha–ye Adabi (Literary Studies), The Literary Journal of Islamic Azad University of Tehran – The North Branch) (April 2014).

Current Position

PhD Student, University of St Andrews