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Solmaz Naraghi

BA, persian literature

Sample Publications

Publications: Book Authored: - Mirzade Eshqi (A book on Eshqi, an Iranian poet and journalist), 2009 , Sales Press - Shakhe Nabat( a collection of concrete poetry) Dibayeh Press, 2014 Book Chapter: - Thoughtless Republic In: Iranian’s Constitutionalism(edited by Nasser Takmil Homayoun) 2006 Baz Press Articles in Published Journals (selected): - Baran Magazine , Sweden 2006 ‘A Ta’ziyeh for Iranian Kings’ (an article about the first Persian opera composed by Mirzade Eshqi) - Etemad e Melli new paper, 2011, a critical view to “Eide Khoon” written by Mirzadeh Ehsghi - Art Press, Paris 2010 ‘If freedom was Singing’ - four briefings on censorship in contemporary Persian literature - Alif art magazine, Tehran, 2011 ‘That Other half; On Aesthetical Crisis in calligraphic paintings’ - Art Tomorrow, Tehran No 7, 2012 ‘Rereading or Reviewing’ (Mellat Gallery Calligraphic Painting Exhibition review) - Art Tomorrow, Tehran No 8, 2012 ‘Illustrator of The Absence of the Words’ (on Mansoureh Hosseini’s calligraphic paintings) - Zanane Emrooz,, No.2, 2014, The magic of calligraphy in the figures of speech and the enigmatic feminine writing, - Zanane Emrooz , No.6, 2014, Folkloric music and feminine issue - Tasvirnameh, No.1, 2014, Calligraphic Painting; Reconstruction or Deconstruction? - Tasvirnameh, No.2, 2014, In the glory of deviation (the aestheticism of defect in Iranian/Islamic calligraphy) - Zanane Emrooz Magazine, No.10, 2014, “Looking inward, a perilous experience (a review of Pantea Rahmani’s paintings)” - Tasvirname, No.3, 2015, Out of page to the scene (the necessity of renovating Persian traditions of oral composition) - Zanane Emrooz, No.15, 2015, A review on Shahla Moazezi’s paintings - Ketabkhaneh, No.0, 2016, A review on the bird images in contemporary calligraphic paintings - Ketabkhaneh, No2, 2016, archetype of the Cartouche and cartography of writing Poems in Published Journals: - Jen o Pari online poetry magazine 2006 3 poems - Neveshta (Poetry Magazine) 2008 3 poems Art Books & Catalogues: - Abstract Orbiting Tradition In: Divine Words, Sedaghat Jabbari s’art book, Total Art Gallery, Dubai , 2006 - Introduction In: A Review Of Calligraphy and Writing Elements in Iranian Modern Art, A group exhibition art book, Mellat Gallery , Tehran, 2012 - Persian and Japanese calligraphy, a comparison In: Pen Of the Orient, Book art and documentary film for an Iranian-Japanese calligraphy workshop in Imam Ali Museum) , Tehran , 2008 - Introduction In: STITCHMATES, group painting exhibition, May-Jun 2012, Mellat Gallery

Current Position

Writer, Performance Poetess, & Calligrapher, Self Employed