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Julia Rubanovich


Sample Publications

1) "Re-Writing the Episode of Alexander and Candace in Medieval Persian Literature." Alexander the Great in Medieval and Early Modern Culture. Ed. by Markus Stock and S. Schmitt. Toronto. (forthcoming) 2) "Tracing the Shahnama Tradition in Medieval Persian Folk Prose." Shahnama Studies II. Ed. by Charles Melville and G.R. van den Berg. Cambridge: The Center of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. (forthcoming). 3) "Orality in Medieval Persian Literature." Medieval Oral Literature. Ed. by Karl Reichl. Berlin, New York: Walter de Gruyter, “de Gruyter Lexikon” series, 2012, pp. 653-679. 4) “Moving in a Circuit: Alexander the Great in Iran from pre-Islamic times to the present.” Irano-Slavica 1 (23) (2011), pp. 22-25. 5) “Metaphors of Authorship in Medieval Persian Prose: a preliminary study.” Middle Eastern Literatures incorporating Edebiyât 12/2 (2009), pp. 127-135. 6) “Aspects of Medieval Intertextuality: verse insertions in Persian prose dāstāns.” Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam, 32 (2006), pp. 247-268.

Current Position

Senior Lecturer in Persian Language and Literature, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem