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Sample Publications

Isfahan and its Palaces: Statecraft, Shi‘ism and the Architecture of Conviviality in Early Modern Iran (Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press, 2008). Winner of the 2009 Middle East Studies Association, Houshang Pourshariati Iranian Studies Book Award. Slaves of the Shah: New Elites of Safavid Iran, co-editor and co-author of the introduction with Kathryn Babayan, Ina Baghdiantz-McCabe, and Massumeh Farhad; sole author of Chapter 4. (London: I.B. Tauris, 2004). “Architekt und Architektur im persisch geprägten Asien (15.–17. Jahrhundert),” in Der Architekt – Geschichte und Gegenwart eines Berufsstands, edited by W. Nerdinger (Architekturmuseums der TU München, Munich, 2012). “Qavam al-Din Shirazi,” The Great Builders, edited by Kenneth Powell (Thames and Hudson, 2011). “Voices of Authority: Locating the ‘modern’ in ‘Islamic’ Arts,” Getty Research Journal 3 (2011). “The Safavid Empire of Persia: ‘The Padshah of the Inhabited Quarter of the Globe,’ in The Great Empires of Asia, edited by Jim Masselos (The University of California Press, 2010). “Visual Vestiges of Travel: Persian Windows on European Weaknesses,” Journal of Early Modern History 13 (2009), pp. 1-32.

Current Position

Lecturer, The Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London