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Lorenz Korn


Academic Profile

Lorenz Korn is professor of Islamic Art and Archaeology at the University of Bamberg, Germany. His focus of research is on architecture and architectural decoration in the central Islamic lands (Egypt, Syria, Iran) from the 10th through 16th centuries, on epigraphy and metalwork. Recently, he has conducted archaeological and architectural field research in Iran and Uzbekistan. Among his book publications are: Ayyubidische Architektur in Ägypten und Syrien (2004); Governing the Holy City (ed., with Johannes Pahlitzsch; 2004); Islamic Art in Oman (with A. al-Salimi and Heinz Gaube; 2008); and the brief survey Geschichte der Islamischen Kunst (2008).

Sample Publications

Iranian Style "Out Of Place"? Some Egyptian and Syrian stuccos of the 5-6th/11-12th centuries, in: Annales Islamologiques, 37 (2003), pp. 237-260; The Friday Mosque of Golpayegan. Summary report of the 2007 campaign, in: Archaeological Reports (7) on the occasion of the 9th Annual Symposium on Iranian Archaeology [Guzarishha-i Bastanshinasi. Majmu’a-i maqalat-i nuhumin girdihamai-i salana-i bastanshinasi-i Iran], Tehran 2007, vol. II, pp. 125-136; The Sultan stopped at Halab. Artistic exchange between Syria and Iran in the late 5th/11th century, in: L. Korn - E. Orthmann - F. Schwarz (Eds.): Die Grenzen der Welt. Arabica et Iranica ad honorem Heinz Gaube, Wiesbaden 2008, pp. 105-121; Dome Chambers of the Saljuq Period. A multi-faceted phenomenon of Islamic art in Iran, in: Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran und Turan 39 (2007 [2009]), pp. 235-260.

Current Position

Professor of Islamic Art and Archaeology, Univ. of Bamberg