Committee for Academic & Intellectual Freedom

As an independent, non-partisan, non-political, multi-disciplinary international community of over 500 scholars, students, academic and non-academic researchers, and aficionados of Iranian studies, Association for Iranian Studies (AIS)  is committed to promoting free exchange of ideas, freedom of expression in all forms and all media, and unrestricted pursuit of (academic and non-academic) research, instruction, publication, and presentation (in Iran and internationally) without fear of intimidation and persecution. The AIS considers any restriction on peaceful acquisition and dissemination of knowledge in any form as violation of basic rights of individuals and detrimental to promoting greater understanding and awareness of Iranian society, cultures, and history. The organization maintains that comprehensive academic and wide-ranging intellectual freedom (including artistic and journalistic freedom) cannot exist without broader respect for human rights, including freedom of expression as well as basic guarantees and provisions of the right to assembly, travel, individual safety and security--irrespective of gender and sexual orientation, class, national/ethnic/racial identity, political ideology, and/or religious/non-religious views of individuals.

In its non-partisan advocacy of academic and intellectual freedom and promotion of Iranian Studies, the AIS urges international, national, and local governmental and non-governmental authorities to fully respect and protect the basic rights of individuals engaged in Iran-related research and intellectual production in its broadest definition, in keeping with the organization’s promotion of knowledge and exchange of ideas; providing full legal guarantees and assiduously safeguarding freedom of expression as well as pursuit of academic and non-academic research, instruction, publication, and presentation. In pursuance of these objectives, the AIS Committee for Academic & Intellectual Freedom (AIS-CAIF) shall monitor, document, internationally publicize, and bring to the attention of concerned authorities any infringement or neglect of Iranian- and Iran-related academic and intellectual freedom (in the broadest sense), and demand immediate end to such violations.